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Diane Goldman Shares Her Financial Expertise

Diane Goldman is a business leader with a CPA background and has extensive experience in operations, financial management, business profitability analysis and improvement, MIS, team building, sales development and customer relations. Diane shares her expertise with Butterfly:

Why is it important for families to obtain insurance when they are young?

Insurance is an important protection throughout life. Insurance is designed to protect assets and income from unexpected or catastrophic losses. The unexpected can occur at any time, although the young often feel they are “too young” for it to happen to them. The truth is, disabilities occur all the time as a result of accidents. Statistics indicate a disabling injury occurs every three to four seconds. Individuals find themselves with death threatening diseases or lifetime debilitating diseases. Unexpected or catastrophic events are not age discriminatory. If not protected, one unexpected event can bankrupt a family. No one should risk that result, especially young families. Life, disability and long-term care insurance are significantly less expensive when you are young and healthy. Men and women should carry insurance on their lives and their livelihoods. Start small and add as family incomes and net worth grow.

How can business owners benefit from life insurance?

Life insurance and disability insurance are often used in business for several purposes. Keyman life insurance is purchased and owned by the company on key executives or owners. In the event a key executive dies prematurely, the company is the beneficiary of this keyman policy. The proceeds can then be used to fund an executive search for a replacement and the salary of such person’s replacement or to replace lost income as a result of the key executive’s premature death. Keyman disability can be used similarly. Life and disability insurance are also often used to fund buy/sell agreements in business partnerships. The proceeds of the life insurance or disability insurance are used to fund the buyout of the disabled or deceased partner’s interest.

Diane can be contacted for advice related to:
• business planning and projections
• finding advisors and other professional resources
• accounting systems
• insurance needs related to the business- commercial insurance, health benefits, life, disability or call 973.588.1807

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