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Let’s reflect, shall we? Sandy sucks and unemployment rates, add to them the latest Hostess casualties, are higher than ever.  Israeli and Palestinian militants are at war and extra marital affairs seem to be a prerequisite for high profile jobs.


So what can we, the moms of this world, possibly give thanks for this Thanksgiving?  I disclose:


1. I am thankful that I was able to host 17 people at my “juiced up” home during Hurricane Sandy and that the two enormous trees in my back yard decided to fall in the opposite direction of my home. 


2. I am thankful that my parents, residents of Long Beach Island, NJ, had a house that remained intact, for the most part, as they too took refuge with me.


3. I am thankful that my daughter and I had the opportunity to serve and befriend four homeless families, taken in by our congregation this past week. 


4. I am thankful that you, the women of Butterfly, have been a constant in my life since January 2009.


It’s a choice we make every single day… do you choose the glass that’s half empty or the glass that’s half full?  Do you have more to be thankful for than not?


I’d love to hear a resounding, “YES!”


Happy holidays to you and your families, be well, be safe, and believe in the positivity of life.



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