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The granite tiles are becoming a very popular choice for floor and counter top coverage lately. And it's completely understandable, because the granite is a very beautiful and durable natural stone, which is perfect for almost every room and surface. It's both elegant and strong, and it will last for many years, if you maintain it properly. But unfortunately, many people have no idea how to maintain their granite surfaces. And the consequences can be very bad sometimes. This is why you should all know some simple tricks, which will help you take a better care for your granite tiles. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can follow, and they will help you maintain everything in a perfect condition. Here are they.

Create a routine. Most people don't like the word “routine” because they think it will make their lives less interesting and they won't feel so good about them anymore. But if you want to keep your home well maintained all the time, you should consider creating a schedule and a plan of some kind. Since the natural stone tiles usually require regular attention, sweeping and polishing, you should include all these chores in your daily routine. This way you will always remember about the granite tile cleaning, and you'll be able to provide a competent care. You should also remember, that using tap water on granite surfaces is not always a good idea, because it can leave unpleasant water marks on the surface. This is why every accomplished expert in tile cleaning in Melbourne would advise you to use only distilled water, because it won't leave so much mineral build up.

Clean spills immediately. Another mistake many home owners make, is to not clean after themselves right away when they spill something. They think that they can just do it later or tomorrow. But with spills on granite tiles there can't be any later or tomorrow. You'll need to act right away, to prevent permanent staining. You can use a paper towel, a damp cloth or some other non-abrasive fabric to blot the area and remove all the excess moist. The abrasive sponges can leave permanent scratches on the granite tile, so it's not recommended to use them. Also, make sure that all coffee, soda, grease or red wine stains are cleaned right away, because otherwise they can dull the granite tile surface with time. If you can't remove the spill using only water, you can try soap and water.

How to clean stubborn stains. Even if you pay all the needed attention, you can't control everything. So, some stains will be stubborn, and you'll just have to find a way to deal with them. You can use a nice paste of baking soda and water. The baking soda has established lately not only as a cooking addition, but also as a very strong cleaning ingredient. So, for any light stain, you can just apply the paste, leave it work overnight, and then remove it in the morning. If the stain is tough and doesn't want to come off, you can leave the baking soda paste work for even a couple of days before removing it. If the stubborn stains in question are caused by something oil-based, you can remove it using some water and rubbing alcohol.

Polish the granite surface. If you want to keep the shine on your granite tiles for longer, you should do something about it. You can easily keep the granite clean and shiny with a store-bought polisher for stone. You'll just need to read the label and follow the instructions. If you want to use natural ingredients, you can mix quarter a cup of baking soda with 3 cups of water. Apply this mixture to the surface, wipe it thoroughly and polish it. Chamois is quite good for polishing granite surfaces. You should also seriously consider if your granite tiles need a sealant. Have in mind that some darker and black types of granite don't require it.

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