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Learning to Wrap a Gift Professionally

Remember the hilarious scene from Love Actually the movie where Rowan Atkinson’s character insists on gift wrapping a necklace for Alan Rickman’s character? The elaborate and long-winded process includes wrapping it in tissue paper, putting it in a clear bag and then sprinkling flowers, leaves and potpourri into it to make it look professional. All this time, poor Harry (Rickman) is sweating bullets because he is worried that his wife will notice him buying a necklace that is not meant for her. The point of this scene here is that gift wrapping is an art that take a while to master, yet is infinitely rewarding when you do. Here are some tips on how to wrap some of the more common gifts in a way that will please the receiver immensely:

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Gift Wrapping a Box Shape

This is the easiest gift to wrap because the edges and corners of the box shape makes it easy to wrap paper around it. Practice first with a cardboard box and newspaper until you are near perfect and then you can graduate to actual gift boxes and wrapping paper. Lay the box in the middle of the paper diagonally, so that the corners of the box line up with the sides of the paper. Bring the long sides of the paper over the top of the box and fold it over tightly, one on top of the other. Take a small piece of tape and tape the fold on top to the one on bottom so that it won’t move around. Remember, anyone can wrap a gift by smothering the loose edges in tape; the mark of a professional is that they use a minimum number of adhesive for wrapping. Turn the gift towards you and pinch the sides of the paper sticking out of the opposite ends of the box (the sides not taped down). Pinch the sides in towards the box and fold the paper upwards like the lip of an envelope. Repeat on the other side. Turn the box over and affix a ribbon or bow on top.

Gift Wrapping a Difficult Shape

There are some gifts that don’t have a smooth, regular shape like teddy bears and some ornaments. One way you can wrap them easily is to put them in a box. For instance, jewellery is always shaped awkwardly but can be easily wrapped because they come in boxes. The other way is to find wrapping paper that is more similar to cloth than paper. These wrapping papers can be ‘wrapped’ around the irregular shape of the gift and the rough edges smoothed over. Put a bow on top and voila! Another way you can present them is to place them in a gift bag. Gift bags are made of all kinds of material. It can be cloth like velvet or it can be thin polythene. Most gift bags have a drawstring mouth to be drawn shut with a ribbon or fancy cord. Next time you have a difficult gift to wrap, find a gift bag and decorate that.


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