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Feeding time or else we call it nursing time is one of the most important times of every new born. This is the time that they enjoy their best comfort food in this world. For new born, the breast milk is their everything and without that you cannot expect your child a safe tomorrow. Feeding hour is really vital for any baby as this is the time that take all the nourishment they require for their growth. Babies love this time and they love to enjoy this in a clam and quiet setup while getting more and more closer to their loving friend, mother.

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When the child starts to enjoy this quality time, most of our mothers start to become really uncomfortable with this whole new experience. They do know the true importance of breastfeeding but still, they really feel uncomfortable during that time.

One of the biggest reasons behind this would be their attire. This is crucial for a happy breastfeeding hour. If this is our first baby and our very first experience in motherhood, this whole new thing would be really adventurous for you. Your experiences will be less but your excitement and nervousness will always be high. You really don’t know what to wear, how to stay, what to eat, these kinds of problems will start to rule your whole mind during this time.

Proper nursing clothes are fundamental for a good and a happy nursing time. Feeding hour is one of the most important hours that you make your connection with your new born kid. These little ones are calm and quiet during this time and love to enjoy the way they want. But when the mother is feeling uncomfortable, feeding process cannot be done in a proper manner. This disturbs the whole activity, which means your new born is still hungry and you are tensed up too in the other hand.

This is a time, where mother and kids bit of comfort and rest away from disturbances that happen in the outside. Your kid needs nourishment and your breast milk will be their only meal during the very first months. Most of the mothers are complaining though they feed their kids, new born babies more often, still they are fuzzy after few minutes. That happens when your kid is not getting enough milk during the feeding time. The continuous supply of breast milk will be disturbed if the mother is not in the right position or condition to feed the child.

That is why mothers are encouraged to make themselves more comfortable during their feeding times and let both of them enjoy a quality time together. Mothers need to enjoy the company of their kids’ cuddles. This help them to generate more quality milk for their loving little ones. When the mother is happy and comfortable that will help her to feed her child properly. Then the baby will start to feel all good for couple of hours until he/ she gets the next intake of milk. 

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