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Mary Egan-Callahan Shares Her Advice On Starting A Business

What are the benefits to starting a business with a partner versus flying solo?

Starting a business with a partner is great, provided you get along, have the same sense of humor and are both ambitious. We support each other's business decisions and don't hold back when we disagree. My partner and I brainstorm together on new ideas and rev each other up. We have a great working relationship and share the responsibilities involved in running a business.

What resources should you consider when marketing a new company?

Trade papers are a good resource to advertise in. As are local neighborhood papers. You need to market yourself to the people that need you most.

Mary Egan-Callahan is Casting Director at House Production and Casting in NYC and co-founder of Brooke and Mary, a company offering on-camera commercial intensive classes for actors.

Contact Brooke and Mary, c/o Rourke Media Group, 155 Wooster Street, Suite 3W, New York, NY 10012 or email:

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