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Sleeping is considered to be a peaceful procedure. However, we do not whether our sleeping is peaceful for our partner. Sometimes we tend to do things while we are sleep. These habits can annoy and disturb your partner and prevent him or her from falling asleep. Of course, you are not to blame since you might be unaware of the problem. Some partners are reluctant to complain about such behavior and therefore it is your responsibility to figure out where you are guilty or not. Listed below are the top annoying sleeping habits in 2016. 

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Tuck and Roll

We all wish to stay warm in our beds. So, imagine what it would feel like when someone steals your duvet. This is apparently the most annoying traits that people notice in their partners. We have a tendency to tuck the duvet towards our side and roll over. This leaves our partner cold and alone. Regardless of how good you are at cuddling, you must remember that a duvet keeps you warm better than anything. It is not nice to let your partner suffer in the cold when you are warm and comfortable. Therefore, try not to steal the duvet!

Midnight Shuffle

This is a second most annoying trait that people notice in their partners. Since you know how hard it is to fall asleep, you would know how annoying it can be if someone constantly keeps shifting in the bed. Of course, you are innocent since you are asleep. But think about what you would feel if the situation happens other way around? Before you fall asleep, make sure to assume a comfortable position. This will prevent you from shifting one side to another. This way, your partner will be able to sleep peacefully as well.


Unfortunately, this is a problem we are all quite familiar with. It can be hard for your partner to sleep peacefully when you are continuously snoring. You cannot ask him or her to wear ear phones or muffs since you are the one causing the problem. So, you need to solve the problem yourself. A simple solution to this issue is to wear snoring chin straps. You will be able to completely eliminate your snoring since your jaw is positioned in the right way. Instead of doing a serious surgery or wearing heavy masks, this can be much more comfortable and convenient.

Sleep Talking

Sleeping talking is quite common among both men and women. Although there is no particular reason for this problem, it has been noted that people who are too stressed are the ones who are most vulnerable to this illness. This is yet another problem which is out of your control. However, there are various ways through which you can handle this problem. Speak to a physician and see what can be done. If you too loud and too annoying, you might have to move into your own bedroom sooner or later.

Apart from these, drooling, flatulence, fidgeting, teeth grinding and sleep walking are some other sleep problems which are known to be annoying and disturbing. 

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