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My Mother's Day B!tch-fest - Weekly Wings

What I want for Mother’s Day doesn’t come in a pretty blue box. You can’t bottle it, touch it or determine its worth in cents or dollars. 


The week before last was Spring Break around here, which meant that my two kids were off from school while my husband remained at work. (You catch my drift?) The night before my children were to return to school from break, my son came down with a horrid stomach virus.  One week with two offspring by my side was followed by another week with one who remained home.  Throw in a trip to the hospital for IV, night terrors and the consecutive waking of offspring number two (all while working from home) and you have one mommy who knows exactly what she wants for Mother’s Day.


This is my B!tch-fest and I know you each have yours.  Are we allowed to complain? Does complaining of sheer exhaustion and the desire for two kids to be in school make me a bad mom? HELL NO!!! It makes me, like most, yearn for the one gift that the words “I love you Mom!” written in crayon font, simply cannot offer. And that, my friends, is the GIFT OF TIME! 


So if it’s time that we’re after this Mother’s Day, let’s take it! How will we achieve the gift of TIME?


  1. We will not ask, rather, tell.  Tell our husband, boyfriend, mom or friend that we need TIME. TIME to go for a walk, TIME to read, TIME to get a massage, TIME to go for a bike ride, TIME to hike, sleep, or TIME to bury ourselves in a box of cookies without being judged!
  2. We will not fold, rather, ignore. Let’s skip the laundry, not waste TIME making the beds or cleaning the house. We will go out when the kids are at school. It’s okay if we do something for ourselves and not for them this TIME.
  3. We must simplify, rather than multiply.  Multiple sports, carpools, birthday parties and commitments leave us with little to NO TIME!  Let’s designate one sports free, non-carpool driving, birthday party singing day and get someone else to do it so that we can have TIME.  We’ll lean on a friend, neighbor, class mom, sibling, and ask (beg if we must) for them to pitch in to help stop the insanity at least for one day.  This will give us the much-needed TIME to do anything other than food shop.


What I want for Mother’s Day this year is TIME. It’s the best gift we can give to ourselves and in turn, to our families. The gift of TIME may make us better Mothers (I know… hard to imagine) and for some, better lovers.  (Wink-wink!). Have a wonderful Mother’s Day because you, WE, deserve it!





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Comment by Elizabeth Eaddy on May 7, 2011 at 12:51pm

Wow! You just told my story! I cried & laughed all at the same time. Time to do whatever, whenever, without you, without judgement for 1day. Go get it!!





Comment by Bradi Nathan on May 3, 2011 at 1:44pm
Thx Jennifer! Feel free to complain right back!xo
Comment by Jennifer Pereyra on May 2, 2011 at 11:51pm

That was funny, cute, and true, all wrapped up in one and tied with a nice little bow!  Loved it so shared on FB and Twitter!


Comment by Bradi Nathan on May 2, 2011 at 5:03pm
Sound off Jill... feel free to bitch away!!! xo
Comment by Jill Neff on May 2, 2011 at 12:31pm

Thank you for today's Weekly Wings... I so needed that "B1tch-Fest"!

Happy Mother's Day girls!


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