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Outsourcing Data Entry: Reasons You Should Go For It

Every firm generates a lot of data in the course of their functioning. This data can belong to a host of categories: transaction details, order slips, deal numbers, package label information and so on and so forth. This data is extremely important since every company has to fall back on it at some point of time for making future decisions and drawing inferences about the state of the business. Thus, one needs to make sure that these data are all organised in the perfect manner and in a way where they’d be ready for use by the company wherever they’re needed.

But then, easier said than done. Arranging a huge multitude of data in the perfect order is extremely difficult and tricky, not to mention incredibly time-consuming. So, it often takes up enormous amount of time, not to mention energy, on the part of the office’s employees. Understandably, a large part of the company’s workforce has to be dedicated to the task of data entry, and hence, that prevents them from concentrating on the more pressing issues plaguing the business. Understandably, this hurts the productivity of the business and hence, slows down its growth.

Now, the above is not a very pleasant or desirable situation for a company to be in, hence they must look for an alternative. The best option here would be to outsource the data entry work to another, smaller company which is exclusively geared towards this work. And when it comes to outsourcing, there’s no better place than India, where companies from First World nations can get their data entry (and similar other works such as data conversion, eBook publishing and data mining) work done at a cost which is less than half of what the labour costs would be in the companies’ countries of origin. So, what are the benefits of outsourcing data entry services to companies in India? Read below:

  1. As has already been mentioned above, data entry is an immensely time-consuming task and thus, wastes a lot of the valuable working hours of a company. This means that they (the company’s employees) would not be able to devote the requisite amount of time to the other more important areas of the business. Outsourcing definitely helps with this, as then the client firm would be completely free to concentrate on the other demanding aspects of business.
  2. Secondly, data entry tasks are usually hugely voluminous, and hence it takes a lot of people to complete them in time. This is a big problem for small companies with only a limited number of employees, and the firm would ultimately be driven to hire extra professionals to get all data arranged and processed in due time. But hiring new employees is expensive, counting the full-time salary plus bonuses and incentives. The cumulative expenses would, however, be cut down to a great degree if the company could get it done by some other company.
  3. The outsourcing data entry firm would have sufficient manpower that is well-trained in performing data entry work (and other similar jobs) with precision and within a particular time-limit. Hence, the client company would get their work done within the stipulated period of time, in the exact form required.
  4. Last but not least, labour in India is generally cheaper compared to the first world, and hence it would make sense for most companies to outsource their jobs here where they can get work done at about one-fourth of what it would cost them in their home country.

Above are some of the most pertinent reasons to choose outsourcing over doing it ‘all by yourself’.

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