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Well, I recently read on the net that our late governor, Arnold, lost 200 million in revenue by serving as governor. That is by his calculation. He said that a lot of damage had been done to his family because he would leave on Monday morning and be gone all week. Well, Mr Schwarrzenegger (sorry about murdering your name) thats life. Sacrafices must be made. The article also said that the State of California lost somewhere around 150 BILLION! Thank you for your service, but a lot of us wish you had stayed with your family and kept doing movies. You cut funding to our schools and said that you were sorry but it was necessary and you would make sure that the kids got the education they deserve. Well, if you were so sure that our children would not be terribly affected then why didn't you educate your children in our public school system? Why didn't you put your money where your mouth was? You have basically ruined our upper and lower education systems.

Your poor wife and children cried because you had to leave for the week. If it was so horrible then why didn't they move up to the capital? Families are being torn apart everyday because dad has to go away to work. Children cry everyday because mom and dad are working and they miss them, they don't get to see them. Single parents cry everyday because they are doing the best they can to keep food and roofs over their kids heads, they are tired and worn thin. But, they do it everyday. They do the very best they can. So, forgive me if I don't feel sorry for you or your family. Your wife, Maria, was doing an interview where she said she was raised to give back, raised to serve. I'm sure she realized the impact of your service when you were elected. I find it hard to feel sorry for someone in your position when I am in the trenches everyday with my colleauges. I hear the stories and I know their struggles. We just keep plugging along, going to work, living our lives, taking care of our families, trying to figure out how many more hours we have to work to help our kids pay those college fees. Thanks for the service, the reductions in everything, the upheavels of our childrens educational futures and the lack of time we now have to spend with our children because we're working extra hours to cover everything.

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