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After a good weekend the week has gotten long and hard....I had to take my 3 yr old to the doctor and they are testing him for diabetes...I am hoping and praying that he is ok...If it comes back negative I don't know what will be next.. He did great with having his blood drawn, he never moved and thought it was cool...but I 'm sure all parents know how I feel having to wait to see the results and what is wrong...I am going to try and sleep, but it will be hard....If anyone could say a prayer that would be great....I know that it will get better....

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Comment by Grizel Oliver on May 21, 2009 at 12:36am

My dad has been diabetic for the past 35 years so I can somewhat relate to how your feeling. I will pray for your 3yr old tonight & hope that everything turns out just fine. Stay strong & be positive :o)
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