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Spam. Never liked the stuff- be it in the can or out. Lately, I’ve been seeing more spam out of the can and in the pages of  If you are confused as to what “spam” is as it relates to our community- let me clarify:


  1. If you are selling or directly promoting your business- that is spam.
  2. If you are trying to recruit members to engage in your home business- once again spam.
  3. If you have a quick fix money -maker or diet solution- save it.  Spam is NOT on the menu.

Blog posts are monitored on a daily basis so that the Butterfly community remains one where we encourage one another to discuss challenges, obstacles and experience based solutions relating to work/life.  Butterfly is NOT a breeding ground for scams and as such, any posting of this nature will be automatically deleted.  Period. If you have a LEGITIMATE business/offer and would like to be included in the Business Marketplace then click here.  All listings are $99/year.  This includes a link back to your site.  Easy peasy.


Some recent, worthy, non-spam posts include:


  1. Questions to Ask Child Care Providers that Target Quality Care
  2. What I learned while on Crutches
  3. The Perfect Valentine’s Day for Single Moms


Or, if you’re still looking for a job, check out our NON-SPAM/SCAM openings here.  Then, head back to the forums to help a mother out:


  1. Looking to start designing jewelry and start my own business any po...
  2. Advice on “Getting Back to Work”
  3. Advice on “Getting Attendees to a Mommy Expo”


Get involved and stay involved by way of advice and support. Remember to leave the solicitations at the door.


Happy Day!


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