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Spill It! Have You Visited Lately?

Time to come clean.  When’s the last time you logged on to  Was it last week, month, or year?  Time-pressed I know but, spare a few to engage in support, advice and solutions for women like us.  We LOVE the new posts recently added by fellow Butterflies who say just this:


Can Working Moms Really Have it All?”  Jenny Lewis wants to know. Heck, we want to know!


Karen Steele lays out a plan in, “Three Routes to Ditching 9-5 to start your own Business.”  It’s safe to say that Karen is an excellent resource for women who want to make the transition to becoming an entrepreneur.  Karen is the Founder of The Entrepreneurial Working Mom where she teaches overwhelmed working moms the confidence, courage and skills to ditch the 9-5 and leap into their own thriving business so they can create the life they want for their family.


Note too that Shari Boockvar allows us to make healthy food choices on our rise to the top! This week’s NUTRITION INSPIRATIONS highlight NEW PRODUCTS that Shari found from her visit to the annual FOOD AND NUTRITION CONFERENCE & EXPO. 


So, don’t delay, log on. You might just learn a thing or two about a thing or two.


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