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Stress Management Tips for Working Moms

Stress is a common problem among working moms. Working and raising children is a bit like having two full-time jobs, especially if you have young children. Your spouse may share some of the household and childcare responsibilities with you, but there’s probably still a seemingly endless list of things for you to do every day. So, how do you manage it all and keep your cool? If you’re having trouble keeping your stress levels under control as a working mom, here are three tips to help you out:


1. Set realistic goals – Cooking a three-course meal for your family every night of the week when you get home from work may not be a realistic goal. However, cooking simple, easy-to-make and healthy meals four nights a week and letting your spouse take care of dinner the other nights of the week is realistic. Similarly, going to a three-hour long yoga class three times a week would probably be pretty difficult to fit into your schedule. So, set realistic, manageable goals for yourself and try not to over-commit.


2. Make quality time a priority – Spending your free time with your family and doing things you enjoy will help you feel more balanced. So, don’t devote all of your free time to cleaning and running errands. Consider setting up a chore wheel at your home, so everyone in the family takes an active role in what needs to be done around the house. The more everyone chips in, the more time you’ll have to spend together and relax.


3. Consider meditation – Many working moms find that meditation helps them manage stress and maintain mental clarity. So, consider investing in a book that will help you learn how to meditate or consider downloading some free meditation podcasts online. Taking ten to thirty minutes out of your day to devote to deep breathing and relaxing can help a lot when it comes to dealing with all the other elements in your hectic life.


So, avoid spreading yourself too thin, make time for quality time, and take deep breaths. Being a working mom is exciting and challenging, and it doesn’t have to be super stressful!


Author’s Bio: Carolyn is a guest blogger who writes about being a working mother, small business management, and ecommerce tools, including order management software that works with Shopify, 3dcart, and BigCommerce

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