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If you don't know this already, I'm hopeless with pop culture. Here is my list of admissions/confessions:

- I don't own an i-POD, MP3, and don't really know what a PVR does. And is Blu-ray just a fancy DVD?

- Despite my older children being ages nine, eight, and six, I have never seen an episode of Hannah Montana, heard a Jonas Brothers song or seen a High School Musical movie;

- I wouldn't know Adam Lambert if he sang a tribute to me;

- I know there was some sort of drama on The Bachelor about a last minute switcheroo. I think both girls had names that started with the letter "M" - that's all I know;

- I've never heard the Donald say "you're fired" or seen Chef Ramsey throw someone out of a kitchen;

- I have never seen a single episode of any reality TV show, including any and all Survivors.

The only celebrities I know are the mamas. I don't know much about their movies or TV shows, but could probably tell you what their favourite Mabels products are. We've managed to collect a handful of celeb customers including Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Lisa Rinna, Brooke Sheilds, Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon - to name but a few. Some others try to order under an alias, but we clever Mabel mamas can't be fooled (uh, real names appear on credit cards).

Sure, it was cool to be in Tori Spelling's loot bags last week and what business doesn't like a bit of buzz and press over such an event? But, if you ever find yourself wandering the halls and offices at Mabel's headquarters, most Mabel staffers will tell you the same thing - what we love most about what we do is having a customer base of mamas who are JUST LIKE US!

We're all just trying to get through the day without losing our patience with our kiddos. We hope to get a healthy meal into their gobs occasionally. We struggle with guilt over things that are generally out of our control. We share in the frustration of completing Gr. 3 math homework and science projects. We too get bored of packing up school lunches.

Everyday at our office we get comments, e-mails and phone calls from you that remind us that we are all in this together. So to our real life Mabel mama customers (who don't have a team of nannies and do not have to dodge the paparazzi), thanks for keeping us going - you're the ones who make it all worth while.

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