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Well, it finally happened. I had to speak up at a local restaurant when parents that were letting their kids run all over the place. The place is a pretty laid back family restaurant. I eat there a couple of times a month, they have a great Cobb salad. This woman was letting her kids run all over the place. They were also shacking the gumball machine so violently that it was going to tip over. They wanted the gum and were shaking it so that the gumballs would come out, which they did. I was sitting in my usual place, right by the gumball machine. I told them to stop since their mother didn't seem to care what they were up to. On her way out she said a few word to me about speaking to her kids. We had some words regarding the restaurant not being a playground and people wanting to eat in peace, not being bothered by other peoples unruly children acting like animals. Well, she left and as I was taking my last drink of tea, I was actually giving her time to get in her car, at least out of my way, so I could avoid any more words with her outside the restaurant. Her older daughter decided to come and confront me about what had been said. I'm talking, teenagers. I told them to leave, go away. Well, she decided since she was so grown that she neede to make a point. She picked up the food I had just finished eating and threw it at me, drew her fist back and thought I was going to sit there and take it because she was a kid, um. . .ok. . .well. . .I jumped up from my booth, she swung and I grabbed her and was just short of getting her on the floor when her sister decided to join in. The bottom line is that the police were called, they admitted to starting it and that they didn't leave when I dismissed them. Mom wanted to know if she could press charges. . .nope. Her daughter was the agressor and she admitted to everything. It was my option to press charges. I told the officer that the mother should take her animlas home and that the+!@#$whopping she got from a woman in her forties was probably enough. I know that some of you  are going to criticize me for what I did but, really I told them to go away. The confrontation was between their mother and I, and it was over. I refuse to be bullied by some teenager who wants to act like a big dog and try to show her "strength and wisdom". My niece was giving me a hard time about a year ago and I dismissed her repeatedly. Finally, she made a power play trying to knock me out of my chair. She was very surprised when I took her 180pds and put it on the floor. My mother jumped in between us when she jumped up off the floor and told her this "if your going to play with the big dogs, your going to get hurt. Stay in your own yard, your too young to take on an old dog". I sat down and she has never tried a power play with me again. All I wanted was a quiet dinner, a movie and an early night. Instead I was the floor show. What is it about kids today?

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