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Things All First-Time Motorcycle Enthusiasts Should Know

So, you got your first bike. It’s time to start riding and enjoy being a cool biker. However, there may be several things you need to be aware of beforehand. Read ahead to find out.

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Buy an Approved Helmet

Your motorbike helmets will be the most vital gear you buy soon after buying the bike itself. Helmets are an important safety addon. They also protect your head from nuisances like dusty wind and makes you look cool. However, when you buy a helmet you must prioritise safety and comfort, in that order. Buy a helmet approved by the transportation authority in your state or in Australia. Read reviews in advance. Don’t buy used helmets. Buy one that fits your head perfectly without causing discomfort.

Watch the Road

This may sound like simple advice. However, you may not know that first time rider often have trouble piloting their bike to a target location. It’s important to keep an eye out for bends in the road, potholes and incoming traffic. Ride looking ahead, not at the road right in front of the bike’s front wheel. Yes, it sounds basic, but most first timers have trouble following this advice.

People in Other Vehicles Don’t Look at You

Most often, the motorcyclists is the fastest on a highway. In places like France and Italy, motorists slow down to allow the fastest vehicle—the bike—to go. Do not expect the same courtesy in Australia and majority of other countries in the world. Vehicle drivers don’t often spot bikers on the road. That’s why majority of bike-related accidents involve another vehicle at fault. Keep this in mind when you ride on highways. Learn to share the road, and be very vigilant when you are passing by larger vehicles.

Adjust Mirrors Before Riding Off

Bike mirrors are not car mirrors. You cannot adjust them as you ride. This is partially because unlike in a car, your hands must always be on the handles, even when slowing down. More importantly, bike mirrors don’t turn as easily as car mirrors. You would most likely need a wrench to adjust them. Obviously, if your mirrors need adjusting, you have to do it before you hit the road.

Inspect Chain, Belt or Shaft Before Riding Off

Frequent pre-ride inspections are important for smooth riding. Your bike may be powered in one of these three ways: chain, belt or shaft. In any case, important to check the chains, belts and shafts before you ride. At least make sure nothing is stuck between. The components should also be well lubricated, so check the oil as well. It may sound like a hassle, but bike owners must do this simple check before riding off into the sunset.

Denims are Not Great Biker Pants

Denims are made from sturdy and durable material, but not for bikers. Wearing denims will not protect you in a crash. Also, if you wear long denims with hems that fall below your ankles, the pants could hinder your riding ability. As a bike rider, you need biker pants made out of synthetic material. Appropriate biker apparel will protect you in a crash and will also make riding more comfortable.

Now that you are aware of several essential facts about being a motorcyclist, you are ready to ride.

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