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Top 3 Sites for Finding People on the Internet (Stalking 101)

Ok, I know this is a sensitive topic for some of you because identity fraud is prevalent and the idea that someone can find out so much about a person on the internet is a little scary. But, if you have ever wanted to do some background digging on people for free, here are the top sites that I recommend:

1. is like the hands-down best people tracker there is down there, in my honest opinion. With the ability to search by name, email, phone number, username (a typical username that someone would use to register on a website, such as "cutegirl5", etc.) or business. The results that it brings up consists of addresses, social networking profiles (i.e. facebook, etc.), news, government documents, etc. I can't assure you will find everything about someone through this search engine, but it is the most comprehensive free resource for tracking people down on the internet. This is especially fruitful if the individual you are searching for has a non-normal name; searching for a "Michael Johnson" by name might prove impossible. Yet, if you have an email address or a popular user name, it will look for any websites that are registered with them. This is a first-stop for finding results.

2. 123 People

123 people

123people is another option for finding people on the internet. I have mixed feelings about this website; on the one hand, the search results are very thorough; on the other hand, they seem to have more "premium results" that require a purchase. Even so, if you are unable to locate results on the Pipl site, this should be your next stop. This site did manage to find all my social networking profiles, which was a huge plus.

3. ZabaSearch
Zabasearch is like an address book on steroids. The results are very comprehensive, and link to other sites where you can "get the dirt" and "find out someone's email address". Many of the listings have a birthdate next to them, which helps you narrow down the results if you are aware of the approximate age of the person you are looking for. I have found zabasearch to be better than the whitepages, as it seems to find unlisted addresses.

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Comment by Terry Starr on September 2, 2010 at 3:50pm
Hi Angie,
Just went to pipl and zabasearch (never used)... wo, talk about 'big brother'.
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