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By Siggy Flicker – Dating Expert/Life Coach

Whether or not you have a Valentine this year, you should still be celebrating “The Power of Love” on February 14, 2010. Why not celebrate being in a solid relationship? Why not celebrate being single? Why not celebrate any relationship? This is the day to reach out to the ones you love whether it is your husband, lover, friend, parents, sister, and brother, pet and let’s not leave out the most important loved ones, your children. Try to make this day special for the sake of love and celebrating the fact that you are in love, have been in love, and will definitely love again and again.

So now what can you do on this special day?

1. Eat Chocolate – Indulge on this special day. Whether you have chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped brownies, chocolate cupcakes covered with pink and red frosting or a chocolate soufflé, enjoy the moment because most likely you won’t have this moment again for a long time after. Remember all Diets are off on this day so call the love of your life, your best friend, your parents, or your kids and have a great time indulging in the best thing ever….CHOCOLATE!!!!

2. Make your own Cheesy Valentine’s Day Card – That’s right, I said Cheesy but who cares. Get out the scissors, red and pink paper, white paper dollies and “just do it”. Whether you are doing it for your husband, lover, friend, parents, sister, brother or kids, it will show the love and emotion behind you going out of your way and making something as opposed to walking into a store a buying a card.

3. Get Sexy!!! Attention: All married ladies or ladies in a relationship!!!! - Valentine’s Day as we all know is all about romance and this is the day to romance and be romanced so it is time to take off those workout clothes and take your pony tail out and paint your face, take out those high heels, get out that sexy red or black dress and spice it up a bit. GET SEXY!!!! It will feel great and once you are in your outfit, your attitude changes and you can create magic. You can stay at home and cook a meal or make reservations. Either way, make it special. Have a glass of wine or champagne and celebrate finding love, being in love and most important……Make Love!!!!

4. Get Lazy!!! Attention: All Single Ladies – Valentine’s Day is about love and why not make it a Love Yourself Day and Stay Home!!! That’s right; I said stay home and enjoy the evening. Relax, take a long bath, rent a great movie, eat and drink till your heart is merry, put that green mask on your face, get into your favorite PJ’s, call all other single lady friends and enjoy the night and celebrate your life, past and present.. This is the day to celebrate love in all forms, including the most important type of love which is the ability to love oneself!!
5. Pick up that Phone! - Remember on this day to be grateful for what you have and who you have to share it with. To love and to be loved is the greatest gift that anyone can get or give. A simple phone call letting someone know how special they are in your life is a great way to start the day or even end the day and just say “I LOVE YOU”.

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Comment by Iris Shamus on February 15, 2010 at 9:34am
Great advice! I love this article
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