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Valerie DeLong, CEO Of Moxy Entertainment, Shares Her Secrets In Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Do you have advice for women who are looking to go out on their own?

Yes, make sure you have a solid foundation for your idea and that you are as confident as you can be through research that there is a need for your services. Keep things lean and keep overhead to a minimum - luxuries come with financial success. Also, be certain that your home is structured in a fashion that allows for you to have a dedicated and quite space for you to work. Be prepared to work harder than you ever have before, there is no mailroom, assistant, accountant or tech guy who will be there at your beckon call – it’s all you.

What resources can you offer women who are looking to set up their own business?

I would devise an exit strategy of several months that allows you to set up your business while still employed. Work at nights and on weekends to open your corporation and secure accounts so that you are up and running day one. Network with everyone you know and have your client base and projects forecast for at least three months.

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