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WAHM: The fast & reliable internet connection is key!

You are a work-at-home-mom that needs to be connected 24 hours, 7 days a week. Missing the internet can mean losing a client or not getting paid.

I know how important it is for you to have a fast and reliable connection. In a search for a relible internet service provider, I found Excitel Broadband. They are one of the best internet providers in Delhi. Or as they say it: "The one that actually cares about you and understands your needs". The customer care of Excitel is excellent. You will have a solution to your problems as fast as possible. If you need more evidence to be convinced just google them and see the thousands of reviews of their satisfied customers.

For your convenience and because we know how valuable your time is, we now receive online payments. Fast and safe, just with few clicks on and you are ready to continue with your job. We provide unlimited internet for your complete household. Choose a Wi-Fi plan and enjoy the freedom of the wireless technology. With it, you can connect not just you computer, but all your other devices: mobile phone, tablets and even your smart television.

Enjoy your favorite content without been worried about your web traffic. Our plans are unlimited! Truly unlimited, not like some of our competitors. No FUP, no data limits! Your speed will be always perfect and you will never experience drops. Watch Youtube in high definition without annoyingly waiting for the buffer to load, share your best moments on Facebook and watch your beloved cricket team winning the season without losing even a second of the action. So reliable and unlimited, but the good news doesn’t stop there, can you imagine that?

The speed, it is outstanding! Excitel has plans starting from 50 megabytes all the way to 100 megabytes unlimited internet. How can they achieve to be so fast? The answer is simple, Excitel use the latest and greatest technology – fiber internet. There is nothing faster or more reliable than that. You can get it through FTTN or FTTB. FTTN is fiber to the node. The fiber goes to the block of flats where you are living and it then distributed to your home by copper LAN cables. The second option is the FTTB. FTTB is fiber to the building. This way you get the cable directly and it is even more secure. So, why are you still hesitating? Pick up the phone and choose Excitel, your partner in the digital world!

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