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It’s really not that easy to send large files over the internet. Most mail-hosting web servers do not allow their users to send files that are larger than 20 MB. One thing you can do is to split the large file into several small parts and then send them. The recipients will need a file extraction programme then, so that they can stick all the parts together. The whole process is extremely time consuming and also requires you to keep patience. Nowadays, you will find a number of ways in which you can send and share large files over the internet. Below are some of the ways that describe how to send large files:

  • As stated above, one of the ways in which you can send large files, is to split the file into a number of parts. In order to assist in dividing a huge file into uniform-sized parts, you can find certain file-compression programmes. For example, if you have to send a large file that is 80 MB in size, you can use a tool such as ‘7 zip’ and use it to split the file into 8 parts, each of which is 10 MB. When the recipients get this, they can either retrieve all the parts separately, or by using the file-extraction programme, that can extract all the separate files into a whole file. This may sound easy, but in reality, this is actually tough to execute. Also, this is extremely time-consuming. And, there may be recipients who are not aware of the means and ways to get back the file in its whole form.

  • Nowadays, you will be able to find sites with the help of which you can send large files over the internet. In here, you can send any large files, as there is no maximum file size. This is a huge advantage of these sites. You will not need to split up the file into archives. Here is how you can do this: First you have to upload the file onto a particular place on the site. After that a link will be given to the user. S/he can then e-mail the link to the recipients, sometimes more than 20 people at a time.

  • Cloud storage is probably the easiest as well as simplest of them all. It is not only easy but also the most guarded and secured.

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