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We noticed that 15 moms on MyWorkButterfly celebrated their birthday today - April 22. 

That got us thinking. Yes, we're all connected here on Butterfly. But, do these same 15 moms within one community even know each other. Have they ever had a conversation - online... or offline for that matter. Or is that we're all simply connected. [Note: Did anyone catch the article in today's Sunday New York Times on this very subject?]

According to Cosmo and USA Today, and the best astrologists, one can assume if you were born under the same sign, not to mention on the very day, you would likely find some interesting commonalities between these 15 women. For those who enjoy a good horoscope now and again, if you were born April 21 (yes that's Taurus), your horoscope includes:

"Always aware of the impact you're making, your gestures are often grand and you do things in a big way." Read the full details at,

So, in celebration of Butterfly birthday weekend,  we thought we'd help get the ball rolling with a few introductions starting with those celebrating a birthday.

Please feel free to reach out to one another. And, for the rest of the near 7000 moms in our community of supportive women, why not send a quick "happy birthday" message or even send a virtual gift.

Birthdays Today



We hope you achieve everything you have your heart set on this year.

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Comment by MyWorkButterfly on October 21, 2012 at 8:28am
Did you connect here on Butterfly? Share your stories. Let your voice be heard.
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