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Wondering what a ‘peshtemal’ is? Would you recognise it if we called it a hammam? No? Well, they happen to be towels made on traditional looms in Turkey and are loved the world over. If you know nothing about them, then it is about time you got to know what they are about and why they are so popular. Aside from being incredibly versatile in that they can be used across a range of needs, they also come in beautiful colours and patterns which Turkey is well-known for. This towel is known as apeshtemal because this was the name given to the towel typically used in a Turkish bath to wrap the body. They are so much better than regular towels and you are about to see why.

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Regular towels probably do not many complications in general, however they can be heavy to use; especially if you want it to dry effectively. Thin towels are not usually very good at this which is a shame seeing as how drying is its only use. Peshtemals however are designed to be lightweight so they are so easy to carry around. If you need to travel or head for a day at the beach, these are perfect when compared to regular towels. Their easy texture means that they can easily fold up into a backpack and weigh next-to-nothing reducing strain.

Highly Absorbent

Turkish towels boast high absorbency and that is because they incorporate pure Turkish cotton. It is almost unheard of; a towel that is both lightweight and absorbent? With these though it is a possibility. This makes them a preferred choice at the beach in particular. Since you need to dry up quickly after a dip in the water, it saves time and lets you continue exploring and enjoying your day. Their unique material and weaving style contributes to the achievement of a hassle-free experience.

Soft and Dries Quickly

Peshtemals dry pretty quickly which again is incredibly convenient if you are travelling and need to be on the move. Packing can be problematic with a wet towel in your midst. Though you might wonder how it dries so fast when it is made of cotton, it is the type of cotton in question that plays the role. Turkish cotton has special qualities that make this trait possible; which is why it is used in their production in the first place. Best of all, it does not drag your skin since they are incredibly soft so you are not damaging it in any way.

Use Anywhere

Though these towels were traditionally used in Turkish baths a long time ago, over time modernisation helped us find more uses for them. As mentioned above, they are the perfect accompaniment to any travel trip or a beach day. What is more you can also use them for yoga, in place of your regular towel or even as a throw if you wish. They also make for great picnic rugs and baby slings since they are so flexible and easy to handle. Definitely to be considered.

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